Friday, August 12, 2011

See you in Oz?

Just about the final piece of the moving back jigsaw has fallen into place.

The shipper has e-mailed to confirm that our stuff will be delivered the day after we arrive. That couldn't be better timing, just one night camping and then we'll have the furniture and the rest of our belongings.

So after nearly six years this will be the last post on Life in Dubai.

The first post was January 20, 2006 and I've rabbited on in 1264 posts in total. I'm amazed, I had no idea when I started that it would go on and add up like that.

A sincere thanks for stopping by, for taking the time to read the posts and for the comments, I really appreciate it.

I'll leave this blog as it is because it's a report of daily life as one person saw it through a unique period of time in the development of Dubai.  I won't post here any more but I'll check back every so often to see if there are any new comments; I still get comments on posts from years back.

As in future I'll be in Australia that's where I'll move my blogging to. But I'll be visiting Dubai regularly, at least for a while, and I'm sure I'll have things to say about it. You'll find me at Life in Oz...& Dubai.

If you'd like to keep in touch, as I would with you, just click on this link:  Life in Oz...& Dubai..


Dave said...

The end of an era!! Good luck Seabee. I will visit you at "Life in Oz".

Michael Meade said...

Bon voyage Colin and Geina. Thanks for your terrific posts from Dubai and look forward to catching up in OZ!

Catalin said...

I have enjoyed your posts over the last couple of years and your unique take on the Dubai events will be missed.

Enjoy the new life in Australia!

mikapoka said...

A bit late, nonetheless I have to thank you for each and every single post of yours which happened to be my guiding light before, throughout and after my 3 ys. stay in Dubai. Obviously I'll follow you in Oz!
All the best Seabee(s), ciao!

Seabee said...

Thanks folks. I look forward to keeping in contact through the new blog :-)

Mita said...

I loved your posts and look forward to your posts in Life in Oz. Good luck!

Alexander said...

Just back from leave... see you in Oz!

ginger and scotch said...

Have a safe trip and I'll miss reading your Dubai posts - yours was one of the first blogs I discovered before I even moved to Dubai!

Bon Voyage!

Gama said...

As a fellow OZ who moved from Dubai to Melbourne I really can understand your feelings. For me I really enjoyed Dubai and the expat lifestyle.

Life in OZ...mmmm
Beer, Football, Barbecue. I love it.

Go Bulldogs.

i*maginate said...

Happy Australia Day! Couldn't find another place to post this message on. Have a lovely time.

Seabee said...

Thanks i*

Atishay Jain said...

Thanks for this awesome post about life in Oz, It is always nice to have such a nice blogger with us. I am also a writer. Keep posting like this it reallt inspired a lot in Dubai.
Atishay Jain

Unknown said...

Nice post Seabee

Its really sad to know that you are posting for the last time in Dubai

I am very happy to know that you are moving to Oz

Hope to see more posting related to Dubai holidays.

watchonlinemovies said...

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Unknown said...

If we talk about Dubai life. we should never forget Life OZ.