Saturday, July 04, 2009

I'm not here

Mrs Seabee has to go to the UK on a business trip and as she can add a few days vacation to the end of it I'm tagging along.

We're off tomorrow morning for a couple of weeks. Timed perfectly to miss the heat wave and run into cold wet weather according to the forecast.

The heat wave that's caused official alerts, the media full of dire warnings, was because of temperatures as high as 32C in parts of the south-east of England, where we'll spend some time. That would have felt coolish after the high forties we've been having here, but the forecast is for high teens to around twenty celcius. So I have sweaters in my luggage.

We laugh at what they consider hot but I must say that with the high humidity they generally have, and with everything so small and cramped - not to mention just about no air-conditioning - it feels more uncomfortable than the temperature reading would suggest.

We'll have time in Cambridge, Hertfordshire and York so we'll probably have all kinds of weather thrown at us.

If we get the rain that the forecast seems to suggest we will then I may be stuck indoors and have time to get on the computer. If I do there may be an update on here.

If not, see you around July 20.


Mike said...

Seabee - I've been a reader for a while, but never commented - since you're going to Cambridge (where I hail from) however, I thought I send a dining tip your way as a thank-you for the entertaining posts - Restaurant 22 in Cambridge is definitely where you want to take your wife for a nice dinner - it's a converted house and a proper hidden gem, with a huge wine and whiskey list:

You have to book in advance as much as possible as there's normally a waiting list, enjoy!

trailingspouse said...

If you have time and the weather co-operates, then walk a stretch of the Bar (city) walls in York. The nicest section is between Bootham Bar and Monkgate Bar as you have some lovely views of the Minster and can peek into some interesting back yards.

nzm said...

trailingspouse: so good to see you comment! You've been missed!

Oman Holidays said...

I had the misfortune of leaving Muscat after it reached 50c – only to arrive in East Anglia and be greeted by snow ! but the countryside still deserves visiting

moryarti said...

safe tavels mate ..

nima said...

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Seabee said...

Mike thanks for that but Cambs was all company organised so we didn't get the chance to try out Restaurant 22. I've made a note of it for future trips though.

TS I agree with NZM, it's good to see you back in the blogosphere :-)
It was too showery to venture onto the walls so we spent most of the time in the Minster area, the Shambles etc, dashing into shops as the rain came down.

Thanks Moryarti we're back safely now, although Heathrow would be life-threatening to anyone with high blood pressure!