Thursday, May 28, 2009

What caring people

The tale of the British woman Sally Antia, in jail for adultery which I posted about yesterday, is now in the UK's Daily Mail.

They have an interview with Sally who describes the less than luxurious conditions in Al Slammer.

I won't go into it because I've put a link at the bottom so that you can read the full story yourself.

What I thought fascinating were the comments.

The story was originally in The Sun but when I linked to it in my earlier post there were no comments. Now there are plenty and they're fascinating too.

I actually expected to see most of them slamming the laws here, but in fact there are surprisingly few.

Most are along the lines of 'serves her right' and 'when in Rome', but an awful lot are really quite vicious - 'I hope she rots in jail'; 'great, really pleased to hear it'; 'nice one, Karma at its best' and to her husband who had her jailed; 'sweet revenge, well done sir'

Perhaps predictably in the right-wing Daily Mail there are plenty wishing that the jails in the UK were the same as Dubai's.

A fascinating insight into how caring of others people are.

I wonder whether the so-righteous commenters are themselves as squeaky clean as their comments suggest and I wonder how their opinions would change if they were the one in trouble.

If you have time, do read them.

The Daily Mail says: 'This is like being in a filthy labour camp,' says adultery mother locked in Dubai jail hell.

The original Sun story: Adultery blonde's year in Dubai jail.

And The Sun reader comments are here.


Dave said...

Without debating the rights and wrongs of the law itself, I too am suprised by the comments and cannot help but feel that a somewhat redneck mentality is evident here.

Yes she shouldn't have cheated in this manner, we all know that marriage is sacred etc etc.

But, divorce is hard enough as it is, especially with children involved, without introducing a whole new dimension of going to a foreign gaol for it....

Seabee said...

That's my view too, Dave, which I've expressed in the two posts, surprise at the extent of the hatred out there.

From the husband who put her away in the first place to the vitriolic 'she got what she deserves' comments, which seems to be the opinion of the vast majority.

Interesting when none of them know anything about the marriage or what caused the break-up.

Still, complete ignorance of the facts doesn't prevent people making vociferous statements on any subject.

D said...

I do understand and respect the laws of this country... and I do think she should've thought twice before doing something that could ans has endangered her...but yet... I feel really sorry for her. Wish he had just confronted her over this rather than reporting it to the police. Imagine what the children must be going through as well.

Saw the comments... self-righteous people more often than not have their own skeletons buried in their closets.

Mike said...

"A fascinating insight into how caring of others people are."

That is not it. If you are play around with someone, other than your own spouse, in public, in a country that expressly frowns on that activity I say too bad if you get caught.
I have zero pity for the two, zero.
Bimbo and her beau got what they had coming, period.

Seabee said...

Mike you've missed the point.

I said in my previous post on the subject: I don't agree with the law by any stretch of the imagination, but the law of the land is the law of the land. I'm sure she was aware of it, took a risk and unfortunately was caught.What I'm talking about in this post is the level of vitriol, of hatred, being expressed - which you're edging close to too.