Saturday, September 01, 2007

More on killer rubble

Our roads are dangerous enough without the problem of construction rubble causing extra and unnecessary dangers.

I talked about it a couple of weeks ago, and there's been a typical example over the last two days in Knowledge Village and Media City.

Trucks carrying stones/gravel have obviously been overloaded, the loads not covered and, the evidence suggests, they were speeding around corners causing the load to pour over the sides of the trucks.

Here's part of the result:

Most of it had been cleared when I took the photo, poor guys risking their lives to work in the middle of the road sweeping and shovelling great piles of stones and sand to the side.

It was all around the main roundabout at the entrance to KV, on each bend and corner through to Media City and here in the first photo outside Media City at Interchange 5 to Dubai Marina.

It meant that vehicles on it lost their roadholding, slipping sideways on the sand and stones as they negotiated the bends. Windscreens were obviously at risk as stones flew up from the wheels of the vehicle in front.

All of the actions which lead to this are illegal of course - but where is the enforcement of the laws?


LDU said...

Mate, is there a shire body that you can file a complaint to, or dont they have shires?

Seabee said...

ldu, no shire bodies but there's the Municipality (City Council) and the police. They keep talking about stopping such things, but there's very little evidence that they actually do.

shammydharamy said...
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