Monday, February 26, 2007

It's official - the fog dunnit.

According to this morning's reports the fog was responsible for 152 road crashes in 2 hours.

Yes folks, the fog dunnit.

Not the mindless, stupid, brainless, irresponsible morons driving the vehicles. No no no, they're completely blameless victims of the fog.

In Emirates Today, Vesela Todorova's report says: "Heavy fog was responsible for 152 car accidents in the early hours of the morning in Dubai, police said yesterday."

It's confirmed in the Gulf News story by Nina Muslim & Alia Al Theeb, although they did suggest that the drivers may have had some responsibility: "The early morning fog, combined with speeding and not enough space left between vehicles, caused 152 accidents and more than 90 injuries yesterday."

While I'm on the subject, the Ministry of Interior has just released a report showing that the UAE had 875 people killed in road accidents last year. Not surprisingly Dubai topped the list with 310 deaths. We have about 1.4 million people, so that's 22 deaths per 100,000 population, a dreadful figure by world standards.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Seabee! Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Gautam said...

Hey, your back Seabee....!! So nice to see your blog updated again.... :P

Seabee said...

I did enjoy the vacation thanks, and thanks for the welcome.