Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good news on the zoo and on property.

A couple of positive news stories caught my eye in the papers this morning.

Zoo relocation

The long overdue relocation of Dubai Zoo seems to be going ahead at last, which will please animal lovers - not to mention pleasing the poor overcrowded animals.

It's the third time in five years that a new location has been announced, so let's hope this is final and the thing gets built quickly. The current zoo is a disgrace, a blot on Dubai's name. It's more like a Victorian zoo with the 1,200 animals cramped in tiny cages.

The new location is to be Dubailand, on a 500 acre block, and it will be constructed in stages with the first stage to be started this year. Stage one will be to rehouse the animals from Jumeirah Zoo and the target is to have that completed within eighteen months.

Real estate

The second story that pleased me was the report that from Sunday the new laws regarding real estate cowboys agents/brokers are to be enforced.

Dubai, and the UAE as a whole, is playing catch-up in so many areas, the explosion of growth forging ahead of infrastructure, laws, rules & regulations. Real estate is one critical area that needed swift action, particularly because of its effect on confidence in Dubai as a place to do business.

There have been complaints from the beginning of the move to allow foreigners to buy property about unscrupulous, unprofessional, untrained agents and brokers. Just over a week ago the government announced its broker registration laws. Now it is announced that as of Sunday the government will refuse to register sales transactions made by unlicenced brokers.

You can read the full stories at:
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But the real big news of the day of course is that the UAE won the Gulf Cup last evening. Mabrook to all involved in the historic achievement. The only goal of the match was very well set up and well taken, worthy of winning the match.

If you're interested in football, the story is at Mattar lights up UAE skies

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