Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israel has the right to defend itself...

I'm naive I know, but I believe that all countries and people have the right to defend themselves.

However, in the current climate pre-emptive strikes and defending yourself is the right of a very small select club. Non-members are terrorists if they dare to even think about it.

Hypocrisy came to mind yet again this morning when the following thread appeared on one of my regular Forum sites:

Peace in Israel

Posted: Sun July 16 23:40:18 2006

I hope all members in Haifa are safe.

Well I hope that too, but Haifa only? No thought for Forum members from Lebanon. Not surprisingly, given the way the news is managed and presented in the Land Of The Free, the poster is American.

No thought for the people in Lebanon so here are photos from today's Gulf News. This is what's happening on the streets in Lebanon...

They're people too, just like the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

And what about all the Israelis killed? Has Gulf News published any photos of their mutilated bodies? Of course not.

However, in the US such death pictures appear of both Lebanese and Israeli civilians.

Seabee said...

anonymous, yes in fact Gulf News printed the story of the attack on Haifa and photos.
I'm pleased to hear that you see photos of the barbarity of both sides - maybe a balanced understanding will help to stop the slaughter of innocents, on both sides.

bandicoot said...

There are innocent people suffering and hurting on both sides; but the sheer scale, numbers, and deliberate targeting of civilians (even though weaponry and technology allow for a different choice) that we see from Israel should make it more guilty of atrocities. If there were war crimes tribunals after this war (I know it won't happen), one would expect 90% of the defendants to be Israeli Generals and politicians.
Seabee, I linked this post to my two-ghettos blog where I'm starting a war gallery. Hope you don't mind.

Seabee said...

bandicoot, that's OK.