Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm on a winner here

I've hit on a great new business. It's just so now that it's a dead cert winner.

Can't fail.

We'll be offering contemporary holistic lifestyle concept solutions.

What about that!

Bet you can't wait to place orders with me.

I had the brainwave thinking about a couple of announcements I've seen recently.

The first was from the Jumeirah Group, who are to introduce a new hotel brand. It will be, and I quote, "a contemporary lifestyle brand" and that apparently will "fulfil a clear market need".

Then the Pragma Group announced that it was taking over the Palladium building in Media City. That's going to become, I quote again, "a forum for holistic lifestyle concepts".

It's a huge advance on just the 'solutions' that so many companies offer. That's all a bit passe these days, although Gulf News has plenty of them today - a specialist provider of geophysical solutions and an aircraft technical solutions provider included.

To help generate business in the start-up phase - or should that be moving forward - I'll be using the traditional Dubai strategy - a big Opening Sale offering 'up to' discounts until stocks last.

What's that? What exactly will we be offering? I told you, contemporary holistic lifestyle concept solutions.

Jumeirah Group.
Pragma Group.


Anonymous said...

You need to squeeze 'green' or 'sustainable' in there somewhere...

Abu el Banat

Anonymous said...

You can learn from those guys:

"Nakheel is more than a company - it is a belief. A belief that defies ordinary thinking... when conventional wisdom says no we say yes and make it happen."

alexander... said...

I can see the ad campaign now...

"Dare to dream! Live to love! Inspire to essence!"

Seabee said...

Good point about 'sustainable' - I think I'll include that in the Mission Statement, which will also have to have 'customer-centric' in it of course.

I wonder if I can get 'iconic' in there somehow too...

Luke said...

BlaI assuming that the sale will only be on "selected ranges" (aka the ones you haven't been able to sell for years).

If so you are doomed to fail .... unless of course you distinguish yourself from the competition with a "signature contemporary holistic lifestyle concept solution".

shankie said...

Yes, and don't forget all that over the top hype like 'ground breaking', world's biggest' etc. Say something like 'World's biggest (or first!) provider of holistic lifestyle solutions using ground breaking cutting edge technology' etc. You can also add a paragraph about people rushing off to queue up for the service, at times abandoning their cars in the middle of the highway to be first in the queue etc. Boy, do I miss all that crap nowadays!

Anonymous said...

You should also point out that your "across the piece functionality is future-proof" and that will "enable you to drive ahead of the competition's headlights"