Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brainless morons

It's been a while since I reminded you to never underestimate the capacity of people for utter stupidity. I've come across a couple of new examples in the last few days.

In a Western Australia crocodile park a man wanted to give a five metre saltwater croc a pat.

As you do. They're such attractive, cuddly creatures.

Here he is:

Photo: WA Police/PerthNow

So our hero climbed into the enclosure and sat on its back.

The croc probably thought that if he ate the brainless moron he may get infected so he just took a few chunks out of the idiot's leg.

It might just be the first time anyone's escaped from the jaws of a saltwater crocodile.

Then across to the UK, where two brothers decided to ram-raid a service station shop.

Having smashed their way inside and stolen what they wanted they took their masks off to talk to each other...in full view of the CCTV cameras.

Photo: Al Stewart. Daily Telegraph


Dave said...

I love real life examples of "natural selection" at work....

LDU said...

The photo of the gentleman who gave the crocodile a 'pat' was published in The West Australian today. It makes you wonder what was going through his head...

Seabee said...

LDU, I saw an interview with him on tv - and I can tell you nothing was going on in his head. It's completely empty.