Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crime in Dubai

One of the plus points about living here is the lack of crime. Safety is always high on the list in surveys about what residents like about the place.

That's not to say it's crime free - you can't expect that in any city which has a population of nearly two million. But for a city this size it really is noticeably better than most places.

That was the theme of comments left on Wednesday's post about abandoned cars.

All sorts of cars are simply left on the streets or in car parks by expats who are leaving, including Jaguars and BMWs. But no-one takes them, and it's the same with so much valuable equipment.

Take restaurants for example. Back home the pavement chairs & tables have to be taken inside every night and the whole shop barred and shuttered.

But here the furniture is simply left in place overnight. And it's still there the next morning.

The dhow loading stretch of the Creek in Deira is the same. All kinds of material is left on the dockside, a completely open public area in the centre of the city.

Back in Oz a truck would pull up on the first night and anything valuable would disappear, and I'm sure the same would happen in many cities. But not here.

Our crime rates are also given some perspective in a report in The National this morning.

Dubai police are warning that juvenile crime is on the increase, and that's obviously a concern.

But look at the figures. How many big cities around the world would love to have a problem of this magnitude?

An average of five crimes a week are committed by children, with the figure expected to rise over the summer break, according to police.

Dubai Police registered 110 juvenile crimes carried outby 161 children in the period between January 1-May 31.

Remember we're talking about a city of over 1.7 million people.


Anonymous said...

In most cities of this population where the crime rate is higher the population is mostly locals.

Also, another deterrent is the arbitrary punishments given out by law for expats. Most people would think twice before committing the smallest of stupidities here than other places in the world.

That is ofcourse assuming they're not dumbed by intoxication.

The Man said...

You could attribute this in part to the presence of so many cameras; this city lives and breathes on them!

Seabee said...

The Man, it's much more than CCTV. For example, London has more than one million CCTV cameras, over 12,000 on the Underground network alone, yet it has an immeasurably higher crime rate than Dubai.

The Man said...

Very true, I didn't think of that.
Well, I'm grateful that it is the way it is here!

filthy said...

Dear Seabee..this info helped me a lot with my assignment.TQ.what i've lookin' for is regarding the Dubai's public demand on foreign food,or their general acceptive pattern towards other foods instead of their daily pick.could u suggest me where to find these infos?TQ

Seabee said...

filthy, send me an e-mail and I'll reply to that.

sarah said...

love the second pic u toke in this post. which area of dubai is it from??? do let me know pls.

Seabee said...

Sarah the second pic is taken from Deira looking across the dhows and Creek to the mosques which are in Bur Dubai.

It's my favourite area of Dubai.