Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Westin emergency

A short time ago I drove past the Westin Mina Seyahi where there was a big show of force from the emergency services

Police, fire, ambulances, rescue vehicles and plenty of people gathered about.

I don't know what the problem was, although a stretcher was out of the ambulance and there was activity around it.

It's normal in many countries to have a mass turnout of the emergency services when there's a problem in a hotel so I guess that could have been the reason for all the hardware and activity.


It was just a practice run folks - see the comment from the Westin for details.


Derryn said...

With regards to your post re "Westin Emergency"- we were just running a test evacuation in conjunction with the Dubai Civic Defence. So all was a test, including our man been seen to by the ambulance staff. With Best Regards The Westin Commuincations Team.

the real nick said...

I suggest the Westin Commuincations [sic] Team do test in English grammar and spelling as well.

Oh, and it's called Dubai CiviL Defense.

Gnomad said...

Gosh, a communications team in Dubai that actually communicates! Well done the Westin communications team.

Seabee said...

Nick, and their man was 'been' seen to. And 'regards to your post re'...but spelling and grammar apart, I agree with Gnomad, it's good to see a company actually explaining something.