Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the coalface...

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid has approved a document setting out standards for federal public employees.

"The document identifies 13 core values which distinguish professional behaviour and the ethics of a governmental job in the federal sector. These 13 core values included excellence, diligence, efficiency, leadership, hard work, objectivity, honesty, sincerity, impartiality, adhering to economy and transparency values, plus integrity, fairness and equality.

The document also clearly pointed out that gaining preferential treatment through nepotism and favouritism in a public post must be avoided, a Federal Government representative said.

Another important principle mentioned in the document is the commitment of employees — it must preserve the professional dignity of public posts, to not exploit a profession's authority due to rank or status, to be committed to using resources in an honest manner and to refrain from practices that result in conflicts of interest."

It's another of the well meaning directives from on high, introduced in all sincerity, that we see around the world from governments.

High flown phrases, laudable principles.

The problem is that it has a long way to go to get to the end of the line, to the public servant who's actually face to face with the enemy - us. The public.

So back in the real world the friction between public employee and public won't change. Nor, I'm sure, will the use of wasta.

They'll continue to be bureaucrats, doing what bureaucrats all over the world do, talking their impenetrable language, tying us up in kilometres of red tape, making life difficult for us.

Gulf News reports here.


Anonymous said...

The public servants in Dubai/Sharjah have their jobs because of the millions of expats working and living here. Do they ever realize that, if it's not for the expats/visitors they have no job and no money? Someone should make these facts clear to them, so that they might be able to change their attitude towards customer service.

I have little hope, because logic never works in this part of the world…only money, glamor, skin color and show-offs work. Many of us stopped thinking and our only focus is to hang onto the job until we have some savings.

But some of us were smart enough to convince them to take huge loans to build some of the craziest stuffs, with no business justification and logic. All of us had great time, as long the money lasted…

So the question is: Do we want to them to think logically and use their gray cells? When they do that, many of us will have to head back home quickly…

Doug said...


Simply by publishing this, they're already breaking their value of 'adherence to economy'. Look, most of the values are repeated:

Diligence - also 'hard work'
Objectivity - also 'impartiality', 'fairness' and 'equality'
Honesty - also 'sincerity' and 'integrity'

Know what's missing from this document? Any talk of penalties for failing to adhere to these values.

Emjay said...

Soon to be released!

A set of core values in dealing with expats...

... and if you don't like it, you are free to leave!

Anonymous said...

The public servants in Dubai/Sharjah have their jobs because of the millions of expats working and living here. Do they ever realize that, if it's not for the expats/visitors they have no job and no money?

LESS money, not no money. Given the social and national security repercussions, less money, even alot less, if favorable.

Anonymous said...

Most of us have already left and are kicking ourselves for not doing it earlier. Every person that I have spoken to who has left Dubai, is doing much better for themselves financially plus they feel free. Yes, free. They can do and say what they like within the confines of the law and criticize their leaders if they so wish. They are no longer living in a bubble, beyond their means, being financially raped by the Ruler and his system and feeling like a prisoner in a 5 star prison aka Dubai.

Dubai is the laughing stock of the world, despite what the regulated journalism in the Emirates tries to spin.

How could the red tape, back handers, bribes, blatant discrimination of the Public Servants and dictatorship stop everything it stands for? The statement from the Ruler is lip service at best in order for himself and Dubai to look 'hip' and up with the times when in reality it is about as significant as a fly on a wall of a mansion.

The view of Public Servants wearing sunglasses in the office with an ear piece hanging out the ear connected to the cell phone on a personal call reading the newspaper whilst on duty and a local pushing in front of everyone and getting his 'things' done will never be abolished and cannot be replaced.

A leopard will never change it's spots!