Friday, July 09, 2010

One hour old

Like so many buildings here we have resident street cats.

One is a young female who was born here herself not all that long ago and who's been putting on weight recently.

Today when we came back from lunch ...

Thanks to the immediacy of digital cameras and the Wierd World Web here they are an hour old.


Stained said... cute... :)

Susan said...

Awwwwwww, so cute! Hope you can find them good homes!

Seabee said...

Susan, this is the fifth generation and no-one has wanted to adopt any of them.

The building currently has six cats from four generations. Of the other six, some have wandered off and some have become traffic statistics.

It's just a typical Dubai street cat story.

Susan said...

How sad :-( I'll ask around if you like. They look like really pretty creatures. Sadly my dog would probably want them for breakfast or I'd offer to take them.

Seabee said...

Susan, it is sad but it's typical of the hundreds - thousands probably - of street cats.

The new mother cat's mother had three kittens only about two months ago and we still have two little toms from that litter in residence. I called Feline Friends but they say they're swamped with cats and not enough foster homes. That mother cat disappeared and I think she's probably a traffic casualty. The sole survivor from her first litter is still in residence too, another tom.

If I can catch this latest mother cat in a few weeks I'll take her off to the vet to be neutered. I'll have to try to do it with the new kittens if they're female too, when they're old enough.

We already have far too many around the place and we really have to stop the breeding cycle!