Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A stay indoors day

There's a seven star icon somewhere in this pic:

Gloomy, dusty, sandy, horrible:

And not for the first time in weather like this I was puzzled to see several joggers out, sucking in large amounts of dust and sand. Their health would be better served if they cancelled the jogging on days like this.

And talking about the weather, it's not good back home either. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting:

NSW is bracing itself for extreme weather conditions today, with a total fire ban in place for much of the state, and a catastrophic fire warning declared in the Central West.

A top of 40 degrees has been forecast for Sydney's west, with similar temperatures predicted in northern NSW and the Central West.

The Rural Fire Service said that, apart from the hot weather, westerly winds of up to 50km/h were expected to trouble firefighters.

"We've got some quite dangerous fire weather moving through the state," RFS spokesman Ben Shephard said."

Extreme fire warnings are in place for several areas including Greater Sydney with other large areas having Catastrophic fire warnings in place.

Currently, over 100 fires are burning in NSW with 35 'uncontained'.


BetsyZ said...

I have been reading your blog lately and love the proceptive. I have been working out here since the end of July.

I am amazed that I still left the office for lunch after driving in this morning. Now I am full, but my eyes are covered in sand.

Anonymous said...

That's it! Go on, rub it in! Here in Britanistan we have almost continual rain, it's bloody freezing and we have forgotten what the sun looks like.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be in a hot sandstorm at the this very moment, or even helping to put the forest fires out in Aus!

Seabee said...

Hi Betsy, welcome. Is it your first sand storm? They get worse than this!

Keith. Good evening My Lord. I prefer the warmth (even if it's got dust and sand in it) than your winters with that cold and damp that gets right into your bones. Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to rub it in more...

Dave said...

And the talk around my workplace with the outdoor staff is "Boss, my eyes are paining - what to do?"

........ actually they have a valid point.... what to do?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog. I'm travelling to Dubai in the begining of Jan. I'll stay there for 10 days. I so want to get a nice tan! Do you think the wheater will be nice then?

Seabee said...

Anon@7.11, it's winter so we could have some rain - although I haven't seen any yet so far. But generally you could expect sunny weather, cool nights but warm days.