Friday, December 11, 2009

I got rain!

I know other parts of the country have had rain but I haven't seen any since last winter some time.

Today I saw some. A short shower, nothing more. A few damp spots on the ground.

By the time I got the photo uploaded and on here, not more than ten minutes, the ground was dry again. Not enough to wash the sand and dust away I'm afraid but it's cloudy and dark so maybe we'll get more...


Anonymous said...

Today I am happy. We are alive.
At 01am, going back home after a nice dinner with friends in Deira, we have been caught in the middle of a terrible crash on Sheik Zayed Road.
We were all slowing down because of a crash ahead, I had just finished changing lanes towards the right lane, always safe not to be on the fast lane when you are almost at a standing halt on a fast road; when a Hummer slammed at full speed the car on my left, on the lane I had just exited. The audi spun just in front of me, the Hummer continued its crazy race and destroyed three more cars in front.
Unbelievably we remained untouched !!!! Just some scratches on the paint caused by the glass explosion of the windshield of the Audi.
My wife was sitting in the rear seat of our Mini....
I still see the horror unfolding in front of my eyes... like a slow movie I saw the events in every detail and felt totally powerless, expecting to get hurt at any moment. When I realised that we got out without anything... I though I was in a dream. And still today I feel weird.

What can I say, God might have decided to save us, but we almost died because of human stupidity !!!

Please drivers... respect your fellows on the road. Don't be impatient, life is far more important than your stress or ego.

Think that one day your friend, mother, father or son could die because of it.


Anonymous said...

the rains got heavier by the nite... now at 12,35am 17'C and no rain.. weathermen say the rain is going to high on monday.... awesome... cant wait to see some more rain and my dirty car drive in the rain :)