Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A different view

Back in February I posted about the changing view from apartments in Dubai Marina. Far from the views buyers expected when they bought off-plan.

The original plans for the Marina, and the city in general, are changed so often that this isn't unusual.

There've been many changes to the original master plan for Dubai Marina and as a result people paying a premium for views often ended up with something very different or even no view.

A big change for some buyers was the introduction of the Metro. For example, the station at JLT was built with its pedestrian bridge across Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai Marina. Very convenient it will be too, when the station is opened.

I'm not sure the buyers of these apartments will be happy with the convenience though. On the plan they would have seen there was nothing between them and Jumeirah Lake Towers. A nice open space with not a bad view.

Not now:


the real nick said...

Talk about a 'well connected' building!

A Masterplan for Dubai Marina? Do you perhaps mean the developers' marketing pamphlets?

Emjay said...

I'd be more worried about the view the commuters will get into the apartments ;)

Roshan said...
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