Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Removing abandoned cars

On my regular route through Dubai Marina I pass four obviously abandoned cars.

Dust on cars is normal of course and when people are on holiday for a month it starts to really build up. But the abandoned ones are obvious because the dust is really thick and graffiti starts to appear in it.

They just stay where they are, the authorities seem not to be active in this area removing them, like the BMW I posted about here.

Things may be improving though:

Here's the sticker on the windscreen:

Apart from the fact that's it's the first infringement notice I've seen in this area, the department involved caught my attention.

Not the police, as I'd assumed it would be, but the Waste Management Department.

They're on the ball on this one too, it can't have been left too long ago. The only fine, for Salik, is on July 16.


MK Safi said...

Someone with the right means could turn this into cash.

Anonymous said...

I guess it should have been RTA to put a note and claim the money... one way of revenue to pay back for the pending slow improving flyovers on ex defence roundabout area:)