Monday, December 21, 2009

A different pace Part 3

I've posted a couple of times about the slow pace of construction work in Oz compared to Dubai, with the upgrading of our street as an example.

The street is more like a country lane:

Seven years ago the council decided to put in underground drains, a kerb and a footpath, which also meant doing a bit of landscaping when they'd finished. You can see the grass they planted in the areas where the curb has been finished.

In seven years they managed to get about a kilometre done and got up to our house, which at the end of October looked like this:

Yesterday my neighbour told me the 'workmen' had now stopped for their three week Christmas/New Year holiday and he sent me updated photographs.

The've done a better job than I expected, but to get from the previous photograph to this has taken two months...

When they come back in three weeks they have to finish the wall on the right then do the same for the four more houses to the end of the street.

Then they have to resurface the road.

I'm guessing March.


Matt said...

Knowing the Australian work ethic (and also being an Oz central coast resident based in Dubai), I agree it should be March completion. 2011!

Elle said...

Well, it looks like they're doing a good job. I'd rather they take their time a have a job well done than rush and have it fall apart in now time :)