Sunday, December 13, 2009

Proper rain.

A few spots for the last couple of days but today so far it hasn't stopped. At 7.30 this morning it was like this:

...and it still is. If anything it's darker and more gloomy now at just after 2pm

I haven't driven far, seen no crashes and no real flooding.

There are ponds of water on the roads in the usual places around Knowledge Village and Dubai Marina and we have a new location for temporary ponds, Dubai Marina Mall.

Not deep but there's a lot of water all around the entrance and the gangs are out with their brooms trying to sweep it away. Some chance with it still pouring down.

The radio has been reporting plenty of crashes around the UAE and I'm not surprised. Although I haven't seen a crash today people are driving as they usually do, no consideration, talking on the phone, pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, speeding - all the usual stuff.

Blissfully unaware that the conditions are different, that they're likely to hit a fifteen centimetre deep pond that's going to send them careering all over the place.

I'm hiding indoors.


Doug said...

Comment of the day so far comes from a taxi driver having to navigate the now entirely submerged roundabout behind Ibn Battuta - "Maybe in England you have system for all this water, but in"

Yup, that'd be drainage, mate. Someone should tell RTA that the holes by the side of the road actually need to go somewhere and aren't in fact a place to sweep dust.

BetsyZ said...

I was surprised that it took us only 10 minutes more then usual to get home to the hotel. I must admit the rain was a nice change.

Anonymous said...

Something has to be done regarding phone manners and better driving habits.Dubai can learn a lot feom Singapore when it comes to discipline.

Anonymous said...

Please send some rain to Kuwait.. we could do with it to stop the sandstorms !