Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To old Dubai

I went into the city yesterday so I thought I'd give the Metro another go.

I was visiting Bur Dubai and then Deira and with only a few stations currently open there was a bit of walking involved. In this beautiful weather that suited me fine, I've always enjoyed walking and I love wandering around the old areas of Dubai anyway.

I went from Mall of the Emirates to Khalid Bin Al Waleed station (better known as Bank Street or Burjuman), it took twenty minutes and cost Dh6.50. That compares very favourably with driving, especially with the parking problems in the city.

To cross to Deira I wandered down to the Creek and, as I always do, invested a dirham in an abra ride.

Like all cities around the world with old and new sections the old part of Dubai is very different from New Dubai. It's grown naturally rather than being just plonked on some empty land, so it has soul, heart.

It's all a bit jumbled and scruffy in many parts but that's all part of its charm and I always get a lift in spirits being there.

I came back from Union Station and again it's about twenty minutes and costs Dh6.50.

By the way, on the way down to the Creek I walked through Bastakiyah, which I must explore again because there's a lot more going on than last time I was there.

Interesting food available too;


Anonymous said...

Downfall of English in Dubai!!!!!!!

If the spellings are in bad taste, Imagine what the food must be like!!!!!

siddiq said...

just spend a dirham in Abra and enjoy the day

Anonymous said...

I have had really bland food that was spelt correctly... do you always spell check yor food anon at 2:00

Sid said...

Wow, do they really serve Camel now?
It is supposed to be such a highly protected animal!
I had heard so many stories of people hitting camels on the Muscat-Dubai road and paying huge fines plus the damage on their own cars!