Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's here again

Am I right in thinking that Christmas is appearing in the shops a little closer to Christmas than in previous years?


Anonymous said...

I have noticed it as well while shopping at Ikea and Home Centre.

Anonymous said...

It may be already Christmas time in Dubai's shops but taking a closer look you may see it will be a sad one: tons of discounted offers and so many vacancies. E.g. last saturday DFC was almost jilted: an utterly decadent Xmas indeed.

Grumpy Goat said...

The impression that I get is one of Christmas becoming ever more prominent as Ramadan precesses further and further away in accordance with the lunar calendar.

A decade or so ago when Ramadan and Christmas were more-or-less coincident, and OK this was in Qatar and not the UAE, Christmas was as banned as a Forbidden Thing, to the extent of CID turning up and confiscating all Festive Trees [sic] from The Centre (then the only shopping mall in town).

Who can remember how much Christmas was prominently displayed (if at all) in Dubai , way back in 1996?