Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interesting weather...

A radio report this morning said Dubai is getting weather stations that will automatically alert motorists to dangerous weather.

I thought it was relevant because there was an interesting mix of weather as I drove into Knowledge Village and when I'd parked I took two photographs, a few seconds apart.

We had unusually clear blue sky:

But down at ground level the wind was swirling and the air was full of dust and sand:

Amusingly, in the dust and sand there were four joggers out running in Dubai Marina, one of them with his eyes closed to keep the dust out. You can't help wondering how they can't work out that any health benefits of the exercise are more than cancelled out by the lungsful of rubbish they're sucking in.


Anonymous said...

Please discuss about the ridiculous dewa sudden bill spikes

Seabee said...

Anon, I haven't had a DEWA bill this month and the last bill was normal so there's nothing for me to discuss.

There are plenty of online forums discussing it, such as,,, and there's also a Facebook group.

Dave said...

I found it interesting that the weather alerts would be sent via SMS to drivers mobile phones. An interesting way of reducing mobile phone use whilst driving.

(My DEWA bill, just received, was also normal).

Dubai Information said...

no surprises in my household, but the neighbor sure did. i wonder how this is certainly not geographical it seems