Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here they go again

I just don't understand the thought process.

If there is any thought.

It's something I've posted about many times, the constant digging up of work which has just been finished.

Here's an example, just one of many in Dubai Marina.

For the past couple of years they've been erecting the building. The usual thing, a messy construction site behind a tatty plywood fence.

The exterior work is finished, the fence comes down. They send in a team to tidy it all up and lay the footpath pavers.

A week after it's all finished they send in another team to dig a bloody great hole in the footpath.

Why leave it until the pavers are laid?

Why not dig the hole and do whatever they need to do while it's still a patch of sand?


Mazhar Mohad said...

Hasn't crisis taught them anything yet? Or are they not been hit by one?

Dave said...

I can't help but suspect that individual contractors (or departments) are working completely independantly of each other.

In other words, one job is to lay pavers.... so we will do that..... Another contractors job is to instal irrigation systems so they do that..... etc etc, with a definate lack of project managament or co-ordination taking place.

Anonymous said...

Its simple. A construction company out sources many different processes to many different sub contractors.

The main contractors project manager who is probably an Arab national tells his engineer, also an Arab national what is needed.

They tell the subcontractor, who is Indian, and the rest in lost in translation. No malice. Just a mistake.

OR the developer/owner changed his mind. THAT happens alot. Usually not cairng what the cost is.

My family owns 3 construction companies, you would not believe the times an owner changes his mind in the process.

Anonymous said...

It's the same old story, we've seen this incredible way of doing things hundred of times, in Sharjah most of all. UAE's craziness has no limits!

Anonymous said...

We lived in RAK where they are building a huge Corniche park the whole length of the Creek. The paving was trashed by the time they had finished installing various buildings, which they did AFTER the paving...crazy. Driving heavy machinery over the tile and granite paving destroyed it.