Sunday, November 15, 2009

A different pace Pt. 2

Construction grinds along very slowly in Australia.

Nearly three weeks ago I posted about the snail pace progress on minor work in front of our house. My friend and neightbour sent me some photographs taken on October 28 showing the work the council contractor was doing in front of our three houses - they do very small stretches at a time.

What they're doing is putting in kerbs, guttering, a footpath and resurfacing the road.

The stretch in front of our three houses was going to be finished 'in about a week'.

Today my friend sent a photograph of the Aussie workers slaving away trying to get the work finished:

He tells me they've managed, since the first photo nineteen days ago, to get the kerb and guttering laid the length of the three houses and to lay the first coat for sealing the road.

They still haven't started the footpath and they also have to build retaining walls and re-landscape the banks which they destroyed, and also replace our driveways which they dug up.

With the progress they're making I agree with my pal: "With less than six weeks until Christmas, we are wondering if this project will be completed by then."


nzm said...

They're obviously not on performance bonuses, not threatened with deportation and over-protected by their unions!

Bush Mechanic said...

Lets see. Four blokes. That would be HSE Rep, Engineer, Foreman and the Union Site Representative. They are still waiting for the worker to turn up, but it's his Rostered Sickie Day.

Seabee said...

BM you missed one, there are five. There always has to be a lollipop man to warn motorists that his mates are standing about in the middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

Yup, lazy blokes.
Better have folks working from 6 am to 6 pm, and not paid salaries for 3 months, with the right to deport them if they stay sick for 2days, or demand their salaries....

I didnt mention the UAE (as things have improved here a lot), but you get the vibe...