Thursday, April 17, 2008

"You take photo?"

I've never understood it.

They love to have their photo taken, yet they never have a copy.

Over the years I've taken many photos of people, usually male sub-cons, at their request. Pre-digital cameras they never saw the end result, but for some reason they were still very happy to have their photo taken.

Walking through Deira the other day, camera in hand as usual, my new pal on the right chased after me asking "You take photo?" while pointing to his friend.

It's digital, so at least I could show them the photo on the camera screen.

The souk porters, another glimpse of the fast-disappearing old Dubai.


samuraisam said...

I took some photographs of labourers about a year ago with a friend in their tea room on the a construction site, many of them said they hadn't had their photo's taken in ages, so we got some copies made of all their photos and gifted it to them; I'm sure they appreciated having something to send in a letter home.

Seabee said...

I agree Sam, I've done that with people I know I'll see again - but the ones who approach complete strangers and ask for their pic to be taken, that I don't understand.

Umar in Dubai said...

it's human nature... also called the desire to feel important...