Friday, April 04, 2008

This really must be stopped

Quotes from an item in today's Gulf News:

"Uncertainty surrounds Damac's cancellation of its Palm Springs project...the reasons for the cancellation of its Palm Springs project are due to revisions in the Palm Jebel Ali masterplan...The Palm Springs plot was relocated to a prime position due to widening of the crescent...the revised masterplan allowed for significant improvements in the design...Nakheel has sold other plots of land on the crescent of Palm Jebel Ali to the responsibility of Damac to ensure the delivery of any units it has sold within these plots to customers."

Master plans are finalised, plots are sold to developers, units in it are sold to buyers.

Then the master plan is changed out of recognition. Developments in which people have bought are relocated - that is, they become something that the buyer didn't buy.

So what was promised, what was shown on the master plan, what was sold to developers and sold on to the public doesn't eventuate.

What is it doing for Dubai's reputation? It simply isn't the way business should be done.

Gulf News story is here.


Peripatetic Engineer said...

In other parts of the world it's called fraud.

sheikha said...

We agree !!!!