Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Magic Onyx latest news...

From a report in The National:

"A man convicted of attempting to swindle customers by selling an onyx stone he claimed had magical powers was today granted bail pending the outcome of his appeal.

The appeal court is waiting for a report on the stone’s qualities from the Dubai Municipality Central Laboratory.

Both the Commodities and Metals Authority and Dubai Police's criminal laboratory have said they do not have the means to test the stone's ability to repel bullets.

'I do not think [the court] will find facilities in the country that are equipped to test the stone’s properties, they should send it to a lab abroad to test it,' said the defence lawyer.

"Hello. Government Chief Scientist here, how may I help you?"

"I'm calling from Dubai. You know Dubai?"

"Oh yes, it's mentioned in our media regularly. Ultra-modern city, cutting edge, world's best practice, a symbol of the future."

"OK. Well, our courts have ordered testing of an onyx stone for magical powers, but we don't have the equipment to test for such things. I was wondering if you could help."

Click, burrrrrrr...

Here's the story.


alexander said...

You got a belly laugh...

Keefieboy said...

I do believe they have a little arena at Al Wathba Prison (or possibly in the middle of the desert). A range of rifles are mounted on tripods for the sole purpose of shooting at things (usually live humans believed to have been very naughty). I'm sure this facility could be made available.

ZeTallGerman said...