Monday, April 14, 2008

Codeine restrictions

The Dubai drugs busts for people having codeine came to mind when I read a story in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

Codeine is available over the counter in Australia, as in many other countries, but it is of course illegal in the UAE.

The article in the SMH says:

"Popular painkillers containing codeine could be reclassified prescription-only to stop abuse of the powerful over-the-counter drugs.

A government committee has flagged the possibility of classifying the codeine combination medicines such as Nurofen Plus, a schedule 8, a restricted category for drugs at high risk of being abused.

Painkillers containing ibuprofen and codeine can now be purchased over-the-counter in pharmacies in packs of up to 72 tablets.

The National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee has decided to examine the scheduling of these drugs, including whether a schedule 8 listing is warranted, after fear of growing codeine abuse.

Reports earlier this year claimed that 7000 Australians had joined an online forum since 2003 for people addicted to Nurofen Plus, the strongest codeine tablet available in this country without a prescription.

The forum's founder claimed 5 per cent of the population could be addicted to the pills.
A report from a Melbourne hospital published in the Medical Journal in January said recreational misuse of Nurofen Plus had become a 'significant problem'".

The original story is here.

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Anonymous said...

These New changess in reducing the amount of how much codiene is bought over the counter in pharmacys is just another nanny move first it was sudafed because they believe criminals were making speed. These new restrictions will only increase crimminal activity the small amount of codiene with large amounts paracetamol in the tablets how absurd restricting them . the real problems in our society is alcohol causeing road deaths voilence & yet there doesn,t seem to be any restriction on how much booze is bought in these bottle shops .australia is conservative nanny country i think its well overdue that all drugs should be legal they have lost the war on drugs trying to make them ileagal is only making the mister bigs rich creating a huge black market & waisted money trying to stop it. most of these politicians who implement these drug policies a total drunks australia has become to americanised