Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Court report

I thought a couple of reports from Dubai courts were worth mentioning.

There's been a lot of adverse publicity internationally about the rape of a French boy, with accusations that justice would not be done and the courts would not pass heavy enough sentences on the accused Emiratis. I posted about it in some detail back in February.

The boy's mother launched a major publicity campaign, which she later withdrew when fifteen year sentences were handed down.

The defence tried all avenues for appeals but now Dubai's highest court, The Dubai Court of Cassation, has rejected the two men's appeal for leniency and upheld the fifteen year sentences.

Then another case which commentators predicted would be hushed up. In fact the former director of a Dubai detention centre and 24 prison wardens - a senior police officer, 3 lieutenants and 21 policemen - have been charged with beating and injuring inmates. The former director and one of the lieutenants were also charged with inciting the others to commit violent acts. Public Prosecution asked the court to hand down the toughest punishments applicable.

This is the Dubai Court of First Instance, so it may well go on for a while yet. The accused all pleaded not guilty.

And on a lighter note, the Magic Onyx. The Court of Appeal agreed that an expert from Dubai police's criminal laboratory should examine the stone to decide whether it contained any special characteristics which made it bulletproof. Surprisingly, the police did not have the necessary equipment to carry out the tests, so the court has now referred it to the Metals and Commodities Centre. They have to report back by April 14.

The stories are here:
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