Sunday, September 28, 2008

It frightens me...

A comment on the American presidential election if I may. Because, of course, all of us are affected by the actions of the president of the good ol' US of A.

John McCain talks frequently about how he puts America's interests above all else. He does what is right for America.

So it follows that his choice of running mate, the person he'd put one heartbeat from the presidency, he believes to be the right choice for America.

If Senator McCain wins the election in November Sarah Palin would be that person.

In one heartbeat she would become Commander in Chief of the world's biggest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Commander in Chief of the biggest killing machine the world has ever seen, which has over 700 bases in more than sixty countries and annual military budgets of more than $500 billion.

The person who would negotiate with Messrs Putin and Ahmadinajad, who would deal with the increasingly volatile relationship with Pakistan, deal with North Korea, handle the China -Taiwan stand off, solve the problems of Iraq and Afghanistan. And Palestine.

The person in charge of the world's largest economy, which is in meltdown mode for the new President to inherit.

Have a look at the interview clips in this article. Note that the interviewer is kind, soft, not in any way aggressive. The possibly next-but-one President of the United States is given every opportunity to express herself and her credentials.

The first clip is her considered views on the turmoil in the economy, and what to do about it, in the second she explains how Alaska's proximity to Russia endows her with foreign policy credentials.

The article is here, in The Nation newspaper.


Mars said...

if we went by to media exposure, seems like obama is running against palin. no news of bidden, and the 'hot moma' seems to overshadow mccain.

very worrisome indeed.

Keefieboy said...

It's beyond belief: an old duffer like McCain paired with this ignoramus - they're just taking the piss.

Seabee said...

Keefie, the problem is that they're not, it's deadly serious. And the polls show that half of American voters will vote for McCain/Palin.

A nuclear Iran, China becoming the great superpower, Osama Bin Laden, financial meltdown...nothing scares me as much as this. Can you imagine what they could do to the world in the next four years!

LDU said...

I hope Americans wake up and realise how much of a maniac (and unqualified) Palin is. She has good foreign policy credentials because her "next door neighbours are foreign countries" - good grief!

Rose in Dubai said...

What's really scary is there are many many Americans over there who don't see anything wrong with what she said. I can't see how anyone with half a brain could vote for them, but maybe that's the problem...

dave said...

Palin's appointment by the McCain clan is a stroke of genius though as she appears to have the power (somehow) to swing this election their way.

Anonymous said...

Whinge away whiners. Obama has a strong authoritarian streak that the media is ignoring. He has had a very close working relationship with a unrepentant homegrown terrorist. He launched his political career in the man's living room. Biden is an idiot who's ignorance is only matched by his arrogance.

Come November you'll be wailing and moaning and the rest of us will be relieved that Obama is not in The Big Chair.

Seabee said...

Anon,Obama isn't mentioned in the post, it's about Palin and McCain not partisan politics.

Palin is demonstrating her unsuitability for the job, McCain's cynical selection of her contradicts his regular 'putting America's interests first' claim.

Had Obama done the same I would have said the same about him and his choice.

S Das said...

The lady is a piece of work. This is her interview with Katie Couric on ABC recently.

Apart from all the idiocies that she spills out you can easily see that she has memorized talking points and provides us combinations of those for every question.

But 50% of America does not desire a smart president eg Bush and these very flag bearing right-wingers will vote for anybody who will drape him/herself in the american flag. Pseudo-conservatism is taking America to the dumps.

On the bright side Palin will provide us with at least 4 more years of funny PR gaffe's just like Bush while we cry deep inside!