Monday, September 29, 2008

Government department efficiency.

Did i say that?!

I was talking a couple of weeks ago about what was involved in applying for my new Residence Visa.

To finish the story, I went back to the Iranian Hospital at just after 11.30am on Thursday as noted on the receipt they'd given me. Went to the counter called 'Reports' and in twenty seconds was walking out with my medical report.

I took it and my passport into my sponsor last Tuesday. Remember it's Ramadan with shorter working hours and the Eid holiday is upon us, so I assumed I'd get it back sometime after Eid.

Not so. I picked up the passport complete with new visa this morning.

Credit where credit's due, I thought the efficiency was worth noting.


LDU said...

What's up with the name Iranian Hospital? Is it not a government hospital?

Seabee said...

LDU as I understand it, it was built by the Iranians on land donated by the then Ruler of Dubai, so it was a joint effort. Built way back in 1970 by the way.