Monday, September 22, 2008

Cleaning up Dubai Marina

In the past I've complained several times about the lack of street cleaning in Dubai Marina. The main road and area around Marina Walk in Phase 1 were done but in spite of dozens of towers being finished and thousands of people moving in, the rest of the streets were simply left in a filthy state.

I complained not only on here but to Emaar, who sent their contractor out to assess the situation, after which nothing changed.

Well now it has changed, so I shouild comment on that.

At long, long last, the general paving of footpaths and roundabouts is being done - all subject to being constantly dug up again of course - and street cleaning is happening alongside it.

We have an enclosed sweeper truck doing the rounds... much better than that open truck that throws up more dust than it collects.

And we have dozens of sweepers with simple domestic brooms, dustpan & brush and black plastic bags.

Not high tech but they do a great job.


dave said...

Seabee, you the man!!!

Abid said...

The men probably get paid less than a dollar a day :(

Gautam said...

Hats off to them! They really do a good job equipped with just one regular household broom!

Seabee said...

Abid, not $1 a day, but probably something like $10.

Gautam they sure do a great job with very basic equipment - and out all day in the sun, the heat, the humidity and, worst of all, the dust.