Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The moon sighting committee has done its job, Ramadan is over and we're into the Eid holiday.

That means the roads are reasonable to drive on and we're also moving into the great weather months. "Excellent weather for holidays" says the report in Gulf News.

The Met Office says we can expect a daytime maximum of about 37ºC and low humidity, evenings will be around 24ºC - 27ºC with no humidity, no dust, no clouds or rain.

So we're moving into the seven or eight months of perfect Mediterranean-style weather which more than compensates for the hot & humid summer.

Hopefully more good news - Atlantis say that the report in a British tabloid that they had received an Al Qaeda bomb threat is no more than a rumour. The police have said that 'there is nothing unusual in the country' while Atlantis say they have not been contacted by the police, which would have been the case if there had been any suggestion of a threat.

Oh, and some good news for those of us living in Dubai Marina. The first section of the new Interchange 5.5 is open, giving alternative exits onto Sheikh Zayed Road and on to Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi or into Dubai.

When offices open again in a couple of days it should mean that the gridlock we've endured for weeks is at least reduced, maybe even removed with any luck.


dave said...

The Atlantis threat probably is a hoax. If you want to target something why send out advanced warning?

Mars said...

eid mubarak!

LDU said...

Does Ramadan cause more traffic than usual?

eid mubarak!

Seabee said...

LDU it changes the pattern and tends to increase the number of accidents but not the amount of traffic. Working hours are shorter and people rush to get home for Iftar, all at the same time of course. No food or drink since about 4.30am, no nicotine for the smokers, and 14 hours later they're dashing home in heavy traffic - not good for concentration levels!