Friday, September 26, 2008

Dubai explosion - but don't panic

There was a big explosion this morning that had people calling radio stations to find out what it was.

I was close to it and I can tell you not to worry, it was a controlled demolition of the two towers that were half built and then demolished to make way for the new Dubai Pearl development. That's in the Tecom free zone area by the entrance to Palm Jumeirah.

In true Dubai style there was no advance notice. I was driving towards Dubai Marina to be confronted by police vehicles blocking the roads. No diversion signs, no warning, just Al Sufouh Road and the roads through Knowledge Village blocked.

Inevitably that led to confused motorists driving aimlessly around trying to find alternative routes, another par for the course in Dubai.

As I was manouvering through Knowledge Village I heard the bang, saw huge clouds of dust and realised what it was all about.

I eventually got onto a flyover and saw the two towers on their sides.

I posted about the ongoing demolition back in February.

What's going to replace them is shown on Dubai Pearl website.


Keefieboy said...

Hmm. The new project looks like it might be interesting, although the website goes to great lengths to conceal that.

Seabee said...

There are far too many websites like it Keefie. Designed for the egos of the designer and the client with little or no thought for the user.

LDU said...

With all this half completed building projects being demolished, the costs incurred by the developers must be huge.

Seabee said...

LDU this is a strange one. A huge development and it was well advanced when something happened to the developer. Another developer took over the site, designed a totally different project and obviously has to demolish the existing work before he can go ahead.