Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another reality check

Of course we complain about things which aren't as they should be in Dubai, and why not.

But it's worth noting that I'm sure we'll all complain in exactly the same way, and probably about much the same things, when we go back to our home countries.

Problems aren't unique to Dubai by any means, which is why I do a 'reality check' posting every so often.

From today's Sydney Morning Herald, a story that's familiar to us here in Dubai, although the road rage reaction is, at least in my experience, less of a problem here than in many other countries.

"A survey of Sydney motorists shows one in five engages in "road rage payback". This is where a motorist tailgates another driver for being dangerous or aggressive.

The practice has quadrupled in the past decade, and...68 per cent of those who retaliate believe their actions are justified.

The survey showed motorists more likely to experience antisocial behaviour than ever before: 31 per cent said they had been followed, 12 per cent said they had been forced off the road and 10 per cent said their car had been deliberately damaged.

Just one example quoted:

"I was merging at about 100 kilometres [an hour] and this guy overtook me just as we were merging," said Sarah, who has received anger management counselling. "I started flashing my lights a him - having a good verbal go - and he just slammed the brakes right in front of me. If I hadn't been looking straight at him there would have been an accident. I had my kids in the car. He had his kids in the car."

Crash index surveys showed traffic congestion to be the primary cause.

The story is here.


Duffy said...

I was driving down I-95 and saw an 18 wheeler pushing (literally bumper to bumper) a car. The guy in the car had been driving like a b@stard and the trucker decided to let him know.

dave said...

I can certainly understand the feeling of road rage especially here in Dubai, but I know I would regret doing something that injured others purely because they cut me off or tailgated me.

A few deep breaths and thinking about something funny seems to work for me.

Mars said...

...we still like to think dubai is a dump. (sarcastic tone)

i think its the "my problem is worse than yours" syndrome in dubai.