Monday, August 11, 2008

Sharjah's new visa rules.

Sharjah Naturalisation & Residency Department have introduced some new rules, including a list of occupations which will have only a one year residency renewal.

What I found interesting was some of the job titles listed, which I didn't realise were specialist occupations.

For example:

Spice/pulse grinder.


Falafel maker.

Meat griller.

Then there are some which are a mystery to me:

Digger? Of what?

Pipe fitter and Pipe filer.
I understand 'fitter' but pipe filer?

Likewise, I understand Clerk. But Follow-up Clerk? What specialist work does one of those do that a normal Clerk doesn't?

Shift operator. Uh?

And what exactly does a Blancher do?

And my favourite, which I had no idea existed any more:


Gulf News gives the full list of sixty occupations here.


Mars said...

well say bye bye to all the nice services like dry cleaning, fast food places and salons. with so much hassle, it's better off going back to home. and i'm sure many people will say 'go home if you don't like it here' until they realize that those services (and many more) are in short supply and not under their building anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...too good Maan, I love your articles..I read regularly ...wishing you all the best ...wish this website goes on....


dave said...

I don't see Distributor of Bride Herbs written anywhere.....

LDU said...

"office boy" and "falafel maker" were funny

a question of a question said...

. . . . . one of the few occassions where you have missed (or rather not highlighted) the real point . . . .

1) 1 year visas vs. current 3 year visas
2) proof of renting a place

. . . yet another blow to the less privileged of the foreign workers.

Seabee said...

a?ofa?, I wasn't commenting on the new rules, simply on the strange job titles that they highlighted.

You make a good point though, and there's more this morning from Ajman. I think I'll post on it all in a few days...