Tuesday, August 12, 2008

They're everywhere.

I've been talking about the morons we get driving here in Dubai, but here's a reminder that we don't have exclusivity.

There's an AP report that tells us:

A grandmother has been arrested for driving around the parking lot of a Florida grocery store with a three -year-old child sitting on the roof of the car.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the Publix store Tuesday and arrested a 54-year-old woman after she was driving around with her three-year-old granddaughter on the roof of her car.

The woman said she would never let anything hurt her granddaughter. She says she was driving at "snail-speed" and holding the child's leg.

Authorities say the woman told police she was giving the child some air and letting her have fun.



dave said...

Ex resident of the UAE possibly??

Mars said...

h it's at snails speed! nd she was holding a leg! the most that would happen is she'd have just a leg in her hand, while the rest would be splattered on the ground. not a biggie.

Rose in Dubai said...

Another one for the Darwin Awards! I say let her carry on!!

Dubai Photo Story said...

the other day i saw a car on SZR where 2 kids had almost half their bodies out of the window. Apparently enjoying the breeze!!! I just could not believe this was happening.

The Mupersans said...

I remember going to the Kruger National Park in South Africa with my folks.... We were in a Volkswagon microbus so it was nice & high & the windows were plenty big enough to hang out of.

We'd stopped at a lion kill - a whole pride of lions around an impala.... and my mom was totally freaking out that my brother & I were sitting on the window ledge with the top half of our bodies outside the bus. Like those lions were even giving us a second glance with all that bloody impala being ripped apart a few meters away on the ground....!

Anonymous said...

there are more morons per capita in Dubai and the UAE in general. Add in the Iraqis, Afghans, Pakis, Indians, UAE nationals, Omanis, Saudis, Lebanese,
etc etc etc... horrible mostly male drivers in the UAE, never properly trained in Western style driving. And they don't give a XXXX. Step on the gas pedal and weave your way to your destination in Dubai alive ...that is the goal. Arrive alive and then back again if you can. How many cruppled up horrifying car crashes can be seen in the UAE, everyday many new ones. EVERYDAY. That does not happen everywhere.
That is specific to the idiots in the UAE. Mostly male. Oh and the women in the hijabs who won't look left or right and can't see properly, but yet still drive wearing a darth vadar mask. LOL.

Dubai - A third world enclave with a couple of shiny buildings built extremely poorly but untrained workers from nearby poorer countries.