Wednesday, August 06, 2008


They were out in force this morning.

The unnecessary gridlock in Dubai Marina caused by the RTA's lack of planning, and lack of giving a damn about motorists' inconvenience, continues.

A small, two-way road through the construction chaos. Traffic generally queueing patiently.

But there's always a moron. Or two. Or as was the case this morning, several.

I managed to get two on camera.

This moron decided to go down the wrong side of the road, round a blind bend, and force his way into the queue. He met a truck coming the other way, so caused a small tailback in the opposite direction too, until someone let him in.

Soon after, Moron 2 not only decided to go down the wrong side of the road, he went the wrong way round the roundabout too, so that he could force his way in further down.

And here's a prediction. Next time it rains we're going to have flooded roads. People will complain about the drainage, but when throughout the dry months the sand is swept into the drains guess what...they get blocked.

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Zafar said...

About last picture sand being sent down the drain is the primary reason I believe why we do not get drains made along the roads here in UAE, at least that was the reason given to me couple of years ago by someone who used to work with Sharjah Municipality.

I was told that the as it hardly rains here may be once a year and mostly 11 months are dry then making drains will create more problem during the months when it is normally not required. Rats, blockage due to trash and sand and then the municipalities will have to work even harder to keep them open during or just before the rainy season.

Actually it does make sense but only until it does not rain but when it rains and one has to drive in Sharjah especially one really wants to have a proper drainage system.