Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How's this for planning...

The traffic problem in Dubai Marina has eased these days from non-moving gridlock to just a's very slow but at least the traffic is moving.

It's caused because traffic going into Dubai and in the opposite direction to Jebel Ali all has to travel on one small road to join another where there's a traffic signal.

There is a way that it could be eased, but the planners at the RTA obviously have other ideas.

One of the bridges across the marina was completed, opened, then closed after a few days. It's been closed for maybe a year.


Drivers are bumping up onto the footpath to get around the concrete barrier, drive happily across the bridge, do the footpath detour the other side and use the less-congested road there.

As this is an option people take every morning you have to wonder why the bridge isn't simply re-opened.

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The Mupersans said...

It's funny. I've lived all my life in South Africa where road rules merely a guide - nothing's enforced and not many people even stick to the guides. I've been in Australia for only 5 and a half months and I absolutely love the order.
Shit like this just doesn't happen here - and if it did, someone would do something about it.
I love your observations! Keep 'em coming!