Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Over 80% of Dubai's warehouses and factories a fire hazard

After a succession of fatal fires around the city a month long inspection was carried out of warehouses, factories and workers' accommodation.

It's no surprise that over eighty percent are a fire hazard.

Major General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director of Dubai Civil Defence, said most common violations in warehouses included random storage, lack of fire alarm and fire-fighting systems, and change of interior design without permission.

He said most factories lacked fire alarm and fire-fighting systems, storing goods near fire-fighting equipment, and blocking exits and corridors.

There's not much else they could be doing to endanger lives.

Inspections were made at 1,176 establishments, of which over 900 were not abiding by fire safety standards.

And a quote from Maj. Gen. Al Matroushi sums up the responsible attitude of the people involved. Only three of the violating establishments rectified their situations during the inspection period.

The danger they were creating was pointed out to them, they were obviously told what the problem was.

The urgent action taken to protect lives and property was a shrug of the shoulders.

Fortunately, it seems that some action may now be taken.

Many of them did not respond to civil defence procedures ... we will implement legal action starting from fining them until closing down the establishment or referring the violators to the public prosecution," Major General Al Matroushi said.

Once again it's reactive rather than the proactive action that's needed so badly in so many areas of Dubai's society. But at least it seems some kind of action may be on the cards.

Here's the Gulf News report.

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