Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to Buzzing

I seem to keep going back to subjects I've posted about in the past.

Not surprising I suppose, they're usually pet hates.

So back to my complaint about the relentless use of buzzwords. Buzzing.

My two least favourites are 'solutions' and 'human capital' but there's another one rapidly moving up the field...'footprint'.

There's a classic recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

"I am getting used to the word 'footprint' to describe everything from carbon usage to the amount of bench space an appliance takes up," writes Megan Churches, of Camperdown, "but last week, I was left flummoxed when an electrician business phoned me to give me an appointment with a '1-3pm footprint' of when to expect the tradie. Should I be appalled at the usage, or should I be excited at a language which is so dynamic and versatile?" We're leaning toward appalled at this end, Megan.

Sydney Morning Herald.

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