Thursday, July 03, 2008

Great moments in planning

Apparently the England section of International City is disappearing under a deluge of sewage.

Alice Johnson braved the stench to take the photo, published in Gulf News.

This is yet another fine example of the ability, the professionalism, of the planners who are designing 'New Dubai'.

Quotes from the Gulf News report:

International City currently has approximately 60,000 residents.

"A specialist team is currently working on measures to resolve a situation related to the sewage system"

"...waste water treatment company Metito was appointed in May to double the existing capacity of the sewage treatment plant..."

So many times I ask the same question about so many different things. Why didn't they plan properly in the first place?

For years the world has known how many buildings, how many units, how many people would be in International City. I'm sure Nakheel also bragged about the tonnes of concrete, the kilometres of steel, the square metres of glass that went into it.

But planning a big enough sewage treatment plant? That was obviously beyond their ability.

Only when 60,000 people are living there do they they discover the plant is less than half the size it should have been.

Where do they get these 'planners' from and who who employs them?

The story in Gulf News is here.


bohat ajeeb said...

Back in my country, you see similar scenes when it's monsoon time.
But here you get to see them at 48 degree Celsius and dust storms! :)

Delusional``` said...

what's scary is that there is a sewerage treatment facility right behind the international city; it could be a leakage from their!

bohat ajeeb said...

Everyday one can see the sewerage tanker vehicles pumping out sewerage, blocking lanes on the major roads of international city (even at places where there is no apparent flooding).
I wonder what happens when these vehicle drivers go on a strike (just like the taxi drivers did today) :S

Keefieboy said...

Those buildings are supposed to look English? For laughing.