Sunday, July 27, 2008

Deliberately caused road chaos.

I'm stuck at home. Can't get out of the carpark. Three hours so far, and counting.

There's deliberately caused gridlock in Dubai Marina.

Deliberately caused?

Oh yes.

At the Jebel Ali end, where the new Interchange 5.5 is being constructed, there's an unannounced, unsigned major change to the roads. As a result hundreds, possibly thousands, of vehicles are in gridlock.

To recap for a moment...

In an example of crass stupidity, Dubai Marina was designed with only one entry/exit.

Based on that design the roads were completed. Then someone in a position of authority realised that there needed to be an entry/exit at both ends, so the roads were dug up.

For perhaps a year, traffic going to Jebel Ali & Abu Dhabi has been directed through narrow, local residential roads. Those roads are also clogged by construction traffic & work plus people double parking. Not ideal but it's been sort-of working, in the context of Dubai's laughable traffic management.

Now to the cause of today's gridlock.

A couple of days ago, overnight, the way through to Sheikh Zayed Road on to Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi was closed.

No advance notice was given.

No signs have been erected anywhere to warn of the closure until the closure itself.

The road signs telling drivers that this is the way to Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi are still in place.

Guess what?

Hundreds of drivers are doing what they've been doing for a year, following the same roads, following the same signs.

Then they reach the red & white concrete barriers that have closed the road.

So we have hundreds of cars trying to get back to find another way, plus hundreds of drivers living in the buildings trying to join them.

It's unnecessary, could have been avoided, should have been avoided.

It's all so simple. Signage.

I'd be interested to know who's in charge of this fiasco. He and his 'management' team need to be removed from their positions and replaced by people who actually kow what they're doing.


Restless in Dubai said...

I wad driving today from Shj, like I always do on a Sunday morning, the Emirates Road was a nightmare, accidents, yes plurals, rubber-neckers and such... on the radio though, they talked about this gridlock in the Marina, and a lady, South African me thinks, was CRYING on the phone, on the radio, live, she said she had been stuck in the gridlock for 2 hours and that she needed to go to the airport to pick her sons up who were visiting Dubai, the older one was 12 I think. See. Stupidity kills. I felt sorry for her.


Seabee said...

It could have been the lady sitting in a taxi right outside my carpark. She was going to the airport but hadn't moved for over an hour.

moryarti said...

thanks for the heads up seabee - thanks for nothing RTA

Anonymous said...

Complaining wont work, RTA sympathizers will simply tell us to stop "moaning" and that "traffic problems happen in every big city", and that we should get on with life instead of moaning and whining........

Anonymous said...

This place is full of achievements. BUT this is yet another example of how it struggles with some of the most basic principles of running a city's infrastructure. Unfortunately this is not an isolated example.

First world standards on the outside ..... but third world on the inside.....

Anonymous said...

Bring on the bid for the Olympics 2020....YeHaa ......Not a hope!!!

ZeTallGerman said...

My work colleague's wife is due to have her first baby any day now. They live in Dubai Marina... she was sitting at home this morning, PRAYING that the baby wouldn't choose to come today, as she indeed was TRAPPED in Dubai Marina... great planning, in our city of the future, eh... Sorry to hear of your predicament seabea!

Anonymous said...

Presumably thought up by the same people who routed the only entrances to International City as follows...

a) through a petrol station!

b) around Dragon Mart, which means 3km and three U-turns to go a distance of approximately 100 metres as the crow flies.

c) Next to a sewage works blocked 24/7 by a permanent queue of 800 orange shitwagons.

d) On Manama Street with no way of turning right into the development if coming from Dubai except for driving 2.5km past to the first traffic lights, doing a U-turn and driving all the way back again.

Just think of all those unnecessary carbon emissions caused daily by the 50,000 perople who live there being forced to drive extra distances by ridiculous road planning. And Dubai claims it is going green, don't make me laugh.

I genuinely feel for the people trapped in the Marina today. How can people given a blank canvas and piece of desert on which they can design anything, keep getting it so wrong?

dave said...

I too feel for the people trapped in the Marina.
Somebody should be held accountable and a reoccurence prevented.

Jad Aoun said...

Heard about it on the radio this morning...I'm betting this will be swept under rug as if it never happened.

Keefieboy said...

If I'd never lived there I would not have believed this.

Mars said...

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