Thursday, July 17, 2008

The confusion of street numbers

Off the road safety theme and back to another thing I posted about recently, street addresses.

The blindingly obvious street name & building number system was rejected in favour of a complicated numbering system. District numbers, street numbers, building numbers.

It's inevitably not being used because it's utterly confusing. More so because each district has identical street numbers, so for example there are many Street 2As all over the city.

To have district and building numbers simpy aggravates the main problem - street numbers only work if the city is built on a straight grid system.

It came to mind again because a group of us are meeting for dinner at a restaurant we haven't been to before, so I checked the online map.

It demonstrates perfectly why the street number system doesn't work, there's no logic, no flow to it.

From Street 77B into 24D, into 79 then into 20C and finally 83B.

Parallel roads next to each other in one direction are 77B, 79, 83B. In the other direction 24D is next to 20C.

It makes you wonder what kind of mind came up with this nonsense.

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