Monday, April 19, 2010

The volcano wins


Even if I spoke Icelandic I'm not sure I could pronounce the name of the volcano that's just stuffed up our travel plans.

Mrs Seabee has had two days of meetings in England later this week and, with me tagging along, planned a few days holiday afterwards.

We were due to fly out tonight but the travel ban has been extended yet again and Emirates have just confirmed our flight is cancelled.

Just my luck. I've been reading in the Daily Telegraph: "Britain to bask in spring heatwave. The south will experience a ten-day heatwave" with temperatures possibly soaring to...wait for it...*gasp*...20C.

Now we'll have to stay here where there's not a heatwave. It's only 33C today apparently.

At least it happened before we travelled, so we're not part of a reported seven million people stranded because of the unpronounceable volcano.

The Royal Navy is being called in to collect stranded Brits, and some of them will be getting a lift home on the aircraft carrier Ark Royal. I wouldn't mind that, it sounds an exciting end to a holiday to me.

HMS Ark Royal.


Mazhar Mohad said...

A kind reminder by the Mother Nature that no matter how smart we try to get, She always has the last say. These are the times we realise technology after all isn't that powerful.

Susan said...

Don't believe anything you hear about a heatwave. There's certainly not one in Scotland!

Seabee said...

MM, a not so kind reminder of how small and weak we are.

Susan here's a suggestion to pass the time, as you're stranded in the cold anyway - get yourself down south, ferry across to Spain then catch a ride on the aircraft carrier back to Blighty. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Mazhar Mohad said...

Seabee, true. But atleast it hasn't killed anyone or lots. Just put million's travel plans at pause.

The Man said...

Just like to say, that I like your blog on the whole. It has a very neutral and honest take on Dubai, unlike some of the over-the-top descriptions of 5 years ago, or the excessively harsh articles from the Western Media in the recent weeks.
It's great to see the way you speak about things that most Dubai residents experience on a day-to-day basis.

Seabee said...

The Man, thank you. That's really what the blog mainly is, a view from the street, a comment on the things we experience living here as I see them.