Friday, April 23, 2010

Kissing Brits sequal

There's a sequal to the kissing Brits case reported in Gulf News today - and yet again I'm at a loss to understand the way the legal system is adminstered here.

Having failed in her bid to have the original verdict overturned,
which I posted about here, Charlotte Adams said she wouldn't appeal further, she'd do the one month jail time because she was stuck here with no money and just wanted to put it all behind her as quickly as possible.

That was was nearly three weeks ago. Yet a source in the Criminal Rulings' Execution Section told Gulf News: "The 25-year-old convict decided to turn herself in more than 10 days ago… "

Does that mean someone given a jail term can decide when to start it?

The source went on: "...since then she produced herself to the Public Prosecution but was asked to wait for 10 days due to administrative procedures, which delayed the process of executing the verdict."


You're given a jail sentence, your passport has already been confiscated so you can't go anywhere...and you can't even begin your jail sentence because of some weird bureaucracy.

Had she gone to jail as soon as the appeal was rejected Charlotte would now be well into her sentence and only about a week away from being able to go home.

Today's Gulf News report is here.


Neil Roberts said...

.... if she could get a flight! :-)

hnd said...

Apparently they've lost the file!

Paraglider said...

Bureaucracy reigns supreme!