Thursday, April 15, 2010

A losing battle

The water movement in Dubai Marina is very sluggish so there tends to be unsightly collections of rubbish.

Fallen leaves from the landscaping are part of it but the majority is thanks to people, inevitably, doing the wrong thing - plastic bags, plastic bottles, drink cans, paper.

Trying to clean it up doesn't involve anything high-tech, just a guy on a flat-bed boat with a net on the end of a pole.

The rubbish wins.


Reluctant and Recluse said...

At least you are not living next to two stagnant piddle ponds mistaken for 'lakes' accross shk zayed road.

Well, in fairness, inline with Dubai's desire for worlds first and worlds largest i believe they were shooting for worlds first and largest man-made mosquito hatcheries... owned by Nakheel.

Seabee said...

R&R, it's stretching the meaning of the word to call those stagnant ponds 'lakes' isn't it.

Stained said...

The same can be said about Khalid Lagoon, The creek (past floating bridge) and the corniche in Abu Dhabi. More efforts need to be made to fine every irresponsible person found littering. They should maybe have people patrolling these areas just like the RTA have for the parking spaces. This country is getting very filthy lately and something needs to be done quickly...

HE said...

I don't think fines would work. What is needed is awareness and education about littering.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every day I see people just lob trash out of their car windows - and not just tiny sweet wrappers either. Fast food boxes, plastic bottles, paper and plastic bags. It makes me so angry. How hard is it to wait until you get home/to gas station/shopping mall or wherever and put in a bin. Just lazy, selfish and ignorant.

What's the old saying - you take the boy out of the slum but you can't take the slum out of the boy.

dubai holidays said...

These kind of thing for which you can only blame about peoples behavior.After all every person should be aware about environment and place cleanness.

Anonymous said...

and the corniche in Abu Dhabi.

The Corniche was, when we were kids (so a good 24 years ago+) a wonderful place connected to the gulf, it thus had it's own natural filtration system, and a REAL LIVING reef.

THe powers that be KILLED the reef, built the break water, then covered the corniche with more land, and built lulu island (BEcause Abu Dhabi lacks islands) and now the corniche u stand on USED TO BE 20 foot deep water, the water used to be till the buildings.

JUST NOW are they realizing that this monstrosity created is a cesspool of stagnant water, and thus not really good for your to swim in, or anything else for that matter.

And only now are they adding SAND, which is probably imported from Florida (cause we lack sand) for a proper beach (that has no parking spaces) and only now are they thinking of re-creating a reef in the middle of the stagnant water.

When all they had to do originally was NOT FUCK IT UP.

So yes, I agree that people should be fined for littering, but the issue is if the govt had not fucked up the corniche in the 1st place, the issue wouldnt be as bad.

Anonymous said...

Education defintely way forward. Anyone beenn up to RAK recently? As you turn right from the roundabout at the end of Emirates road heading towards The Cove you come to gas station. Take the first U-turn past the gas station and take immmediate right up gravel track to top of ridge/sand dune which follows the road into RAK.

At the crest, the view is spectacular....the most amazing (IMHO) lagoon in the UAE.

What runis it is the rubbish tip of discarded bags, cans, you name it at your feet. Story ran by Gulf News a year or so ago found dead camels (which wander round this spot) dead because they had eaten the discarded plastic bags and dies a horrible death

Natural beauty spots like this need to be protected / policed