Thursday, October 22, 2009

VoIP. Don't get too excited

Recently the TRA and now our two ISPs have said we'll be getting VoIP international services before too long.

From conversations and media reports over the past few years it seems to me that most people are assuming we'll be getting very cheap international calls, like those offered by the banned Skype and others.

The reality is that the cost of using VoIP is decided by the provider.

I'll be very surprised if Etisalat and du offer anything like the cheap rates charged by Skype, MyWebCalls and the others.

Gulf News has the latest here.


Keefieboy said...

Yep, complete non-story. The operators will charge as much as they do for normal international calls, and reap massive profits.

Ms. Sad Eyes said...

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Seabee said...

Ash, I suggest you click on 'Expat Blog' on my blogroll. Your question has been asked many times on the Dubai Forum there and all the answers are posted.

KTR said...

A bit old, but still in place...


Anonymous said...
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