Monday, October 19, 2009

Australia burning again

Photos: Chris Ison, Courier Mail

Photo: ABC

Not long after the country's deadly worst ever fires in Victoria, (which I posted about here) there were warnings that this year's fire season could be the worst ever.

It's looking ominously as though those predictions may have been accurate, with big bushfires already in Western Australia, in New South Wales and even up in tropical Queensland.

Worst hit is Queensland where there are over fifty fires blazing, but there are other big fires in northern NSW and down to my home area just north of Sydney.

Yesterday the fires were reported as easing but today the firefighters' worst enemy the winds have strengthened and residents are being told they face days of threat.

It's happening very early too, the fires are usually at their worst around Christmas time.

There's a gallery of photos and the stories here.

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