Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dangerous road management

Over the almost four years of this blog I've often complained about poor management of our roads which adds immeasurably to the dangers and chaos.

A lot of it's simple basic stuff - bad road design, merging lanes far too short, misleading signage, that sort of thing.

There was another classic example this morning on Al Sufouh Road, the stretch between Dubai Marina and Knowledge Village.

For many months they've been digging the road up and diversions have been in place, which we've all got used to.

This morning it had all changed.

Not a word of warning, no sign saying 'Changed traffic conditions'.

Suddenly we're on a stretch of road we don't know, with no idea where the road we need is, no idea which lane we need to be in.

Inevitably there was confusion, lots of slowing down, lane changing, last-second swerving.

It's not rocket science is it, it's simple admin, a procedure.

"If we change a road layout we must alert motorists to that fact with a warning sign".

Yet they can't do it.


Anonymous said...

I know how frustrating it is.

Change means progress, change in this case means the end of the tunnel light, I guess the project is reaching an end and the roads will go back to normal in that area that's why no one is bothared about informing motorists through signage.

Ghost Writer said...

Hahaha, Dubai roads are SOOOOOOOOOO bad! I've decided to just laugh about it though. It's either that or burst into tears whilst driving and cause an accident...

Dubai City Information said...

dubai roads are good infrastructure wise, but they are some of the most dangerous roads to drive on. anyway, with population levels down, roads should be a bit better...

Serah said...

Almost every third day you encounter either a road diversion or a road shrink due to a new holy dig up venture...

The subsequent traffic slowdowns & jams are so much the part of Dubai High Life that people don't bother at all to raise a voice in protest... it has become a like a 2nd nature.... Alas !